HLT 308V Week 3 Complete Latest

HLT 308V Week 3 Complete Latest


HLT 308V Week 3 DQ 1

The Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) was implemented to allow patients to state “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNS), or to assign a surrogate decision maker in the event the individual is unable to make the decision. What relationship does an ethics committee have in enforcing the advance directives of the patients in their care? Support your analysis with one peer-reviewed article.

HLT 308V Week 3 DQ 2

In 2011, the Center for Medicine and Medicaid Services (CMS) published a list of health care-acquired conditions (HACs). What actions has your health care organization (or health care organizations in general) implemented to manage or prevent these "never events" from happening within their website health care facilities? Support your response with two peer-reviewed articles.

Week 3 - Collaborative Learning Community: Educational Program on Risk Management: Outline of Topic


This is read more a CLC assignment.

CLC groups will click here develop an outline for a presentation on risk management based on the previous "Risk Management Assessment" assignment. This outline will form the basis for the PowerPoint presentation assigned in Topic 5.

The 700-750-word outline will cover a topic chosen in the previous "Risk Management Assessment" assignment and include three objectives.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Only Word documents can be submitted to Turnitin.

HLT 308V Week 3 Complete Latest

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